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They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, while it’s true we can’t give you food, we can brighten your life in other ways. For instance:

West Street Button

Presenting the way-cool West Street Button. You’ll want to be the first Streeter on your block to have one, and West Street is the only place in the whole world where you can buy them.

Or you could earn the right to get one for FREE. Read on.

We’ve been giving them out at conventions to any true West Streeter who has obtained a complete set of West Street Stories. We’ve also been known to award them to Streeters for meritorious acts of random kindness, charity, heroism, etc.

“So how does that help me?” you ask? Simple. Attendance at this site counts as a convention visit. So, now all you have to do is provide proof that you have bought the currently available stock of West Street Stories and we’ll send you a button! The easiest approach, if you don’t already have all of the books is simply to order them. Your order will include this cool pin-on button. If you already have issue #0 and are ordering a later issue or issues, you need to give us the sequential number of your Collector’s Item Convention Issue for verification. As you know each and every one of those rare and valuable books is signed and numbered. We’ve kept track of each number (how’s that for anal retentive?), so we know where and when you bought that first book (and in some cases from whom -- scary ain’t it?). If you already have all the books, send us a snap shot, scan, or photocopy of the covers along with the sequential number, and you’re in!

And then there’s those awards for Meritorious Acts of Random Kindness, charity, heroism, etc. If you think you qualify (or would like to nominate someone else), send us the details of the selfless act, along with permission to share it with the world (if granted). Your doubly rare, autographed “Welcome to West St.” button will be on its way. And your story will be shared with all the world, right here at the West Street Online Comic Convention (assuming you’ve given us permission to do so, of course).

You can contact us at:

What, you want MORE free stuff? Well there’s this:Tudor's Signature

Yes, it’s that soon-to-be-famous Al Tudor signature. And it’s free on every copy of West Street Stories #0. For that matter, so is Brian Dobbins’ John Hancock. Sure, you scoff now! But someday they’ll rank right up there in value with photocopied forgeries of Michelle Obama’s babysitter’s cousin’s signature. Mark my words.

That’s it for now, but check back here now and again. We’re always cookin’ up new ways to make life as a Streeter more fun!

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