Panel Discussions

Welcome to the Panel Discussion part of our Convention. Here we will share ideas about comics, the people who create and read them, the issues that affect them and the world at large.

Choose from the titles below. Be sure to come back often, because we’ll be adding to this list as time goes on.

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Q & A-- in which Brian and Al answer some of your most common questions.

Keep Living, Steve Allen-- a tribute to Jack Kirby.

Marvel Wins-- some thoughts on the Marvelution

Good News-- how Marvel’s dominance in the market can help us all.

What It Takes To Be a Pro-- tough talk for those with the temerity to want a career in Comics.

You can also search Google or YAHOO! for the latest news on Comics, Cartoons, Comic books, Super-heroes and Graphic novels just by clicking one of the links below. See all the great benefits of being a West Streeter?

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