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Thanks for visiting the West Street Enterprises booth. Here you can get all the latest news from WSE, view West Street Stories, our great anthology book, read the company hype (it’s more fun and informative than any hype has a right to be) and learn how to get free stuff.

You can preview and then choose to purchase West Street Stories, our anthology comic book, by visiting the links below:

See either issue as God intended, at full, comic book-size and in glorious black and white.

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Here’s some other fun (and FREE) stuff to do:

Read the short story “The Secret Society TSS and the Government Ship,” by Brian Dobbins.

“A small round ship had emerged from the larger craft, and seemed to be hanging in front of the blue letters.

“‘It’s an attack sphere!’ Bill shouted.

“‘Oh no!’ wailed Fred. ‘ Those little ships took out the Liberty Men!’”

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