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Hi! Welcome to West Street’s On-Line Comic Convention. Here you can catch the latest in great comics, books, stories, ideas and characters from West Street Enterprises.

West Street Stories is our exciting anthology comic book featuring super-heroes, super-villains, action, adventure, drama, humor, satire and the ever-bodacious Barbi Bodé.™ Previews are posted right here! Visit them and along the way you’ll be treated to behind-the-scenes insights and extra features you’ll find nowhere else.

West Street Stories #0, our Collector’s Item Convention Issue, introduces the health-filled adventures of Vita-Man™ and the all-too-realistic saga of Tom O’Bedlam.™ You won’t find it in comic book stores. The only way to see West Street Stories #0 is either to meet us in person at one of the flesh-world Cons we attend or see it right here on-line.

West Street Stories #1 is The Comic Book That Looks Like America ( just to prove we’re politically correct ). In it we continue the adventures of Vita-Man™ and Tom O’Bedlam,™ and introduce the mysterious being known as The Immortal.™

Our On-Line Comic Convention is an ongoing event that’s always changing, so be sure to visit us often. Admission is FREE ( ain’t technology wonderful? ) and we’re constantly adding new features, links and the latest information about West Street.

Let’s not waste another minute. Choose what part of the convention you want to visit first from the contents screen at left and have a great time!

The fine print. Be sure to read this.

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by Al Tudor
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