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The Shadow Knows!
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Title: The Whispering Eyes.
By George Rosen

The Shadow Magazine, Summer 1949.

At left was the last cover for the regularly published pulp adventures of The Shadow. The presence of the cat fit perfectly with my villain’s love of felines. All I had to do was trade Wi T’ing T’on for The Shadow, update the crystal ball with a security monitor and the painting was practically finished (well, not quite).

I based my painting on a Shadow cover because my “Lost & Found” story was inspired by an old Shadow radio episode I heard while driving in my car. That episode, “The Voice of Death,” first aired December 8, 1940. It was written by Jerry Devine and stars William Johnstone as Lamont Cranston and Marjorie Anderson as Margo Lane.

Thanks to Mr. Harry Heuser you can hear that historic broadcast in its entirety right here! Just hit play in the controller to the right. Despite the vague and somewhat inaccurate description I gave him, Harry located this episode and sent it my way along with the credits noted above.

For more information about pop culture past its sell-by date, visit Harry’s blog broadcastellan, and “keep up with the out of date.”

The Shadow Knows

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